Sunday, March 5, 2017

FTU "His Word"


His Word



This tutorial was written by me on March 05, 2017 using my own ideas.

Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.



"Crucification" tube by Baron Von Lind - tube/license currently available at ADI

"God Is Love" FTU scrap kit by Dezines by Nae

Template 25 by Becky's Creations (this template is inside BP_Templates 21-30 bundle)

Word Art by me below



Click image, then right click and save full size png



Xero_Radiance and Porcelain



Quilline Script Thin



DS_Drop Shadow

ANL_Add New Layer

EC_Eye Candy

GG_Gradient Glow

AS_Animation Shop

C/P_Copy and Paste

FF_Flood Fill



When working with templates, always Shift+D to duplicate, close original,

then on each layer, select with magic wand (or Select All, Float, De-float), ANL,

close/delete the original, do steps required in tutorial, select none



ANL to bottom

Select All

C/P paper 6 into selection

Select none

Apply MaskSet90_Mask1

Background Swirl_Close/Delete

Stripe_paper 4

Frame Fill_Scenery paper


Frame Trim_#a4bd69

Add Noise_45 Gaussian


Be sure only the stripe, frame fill, frame trim, and frame layers are visible

Copy Merged

Paste As New Layer

Match the edges

Move to bottom

Toadies_What Are You_20_20

Adjust_Blur_Gaussian 5

Add Noise_45 gaussian

DS stripe, frame fill, frame trim, and frame layers _0_0_100_10_Black

C/P "Crucification" tube placing as shown

Sharpen More


On copy_Adjust_Blur_Gaussian 5


Blend Mode_Soft Light

On original_Xero_Porcelain_Default


Open Bible element


Close original

Apply RD_MaskSet90_Mask4

C/P masked Bible and place as shown between frame fill and stripe

Blend Mode_Hard Light

C/P Word Art

Change color to #e1cabb


Add all correct copyright/license information

Name_ Quilline Script Thin_36_ #a5ac7d



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