Saturday, September 15, 2018

Word Art - Shelter/Rescue Animals

I am a huge animal lover. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Alligators, they all have a place in my heart. I cannot go into a shelter without wanting to bring each and every one of the animals home with me. I leave there crying for the ones I could not rescue that day. And those commercials on TV?? OMG how can anyone sit thru those things? I have to leave the room or change the channel. It is so very depressing and makes me so very angry that people just abandon their pets like they do.
  We live in the country and there is always an animal or several that show up or we see on the streets that someone has just thrown out. You can tell they were abandoned by the look in their eyes when a car drives by. It's like they are searching each vehicle for the owner they love so much and whom just threw them away like used toilet paper.
  Same thing on the highway going to town. Each time we drive that highway there are dead animals lying on the sides. These were one time beloved family pets who, for whatever reason and by no fault of their own, have become a burden to their owners. Something to just dump on the side of the road and forget about. Do you really believe they will be OK out there? That they will survive like a wild animal after a lifetime of being served in a dish??
  Humans are the cruelest, sickest species on this planet. I mean, what other animals can you name that kill, hurt, mistreat, etc...just because they can??
  Now, I am not talking about people who hunt animals for food. That is fine and dandy with me. I am all for hunting. Used to do it myself. But to just kill and leave it there?? NO way! Either you're going to eat it after the kill, or you should go hunting with a camera.
   I could never understand how someone could abuse and be cruel to such loving creatures. They give their love without attaching strings. To me, to hurt an innocent animal is the greatest of sins. People who harm animals for fun or just for the sake of being cruel are the lowest thing on Earth. Just a plain waste of human skin.
  I am very much in support of stronger laws to protect all animals and I really hope governments world wide make it so no animal ever gets hurt again.
   I could go on and on, but the purpose if this post is this:
We had a challenge in The Zone Groups this  month to make tags with the theme, "Shelter Animals".
I made these word arts for that theme and I hope you enjoy them.

Click image, then right click and save full size png.

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