Thursday, April 26, 2018

No Scraps "Happiness"





Turtle and Frog tube by Barb Kermis_Sadly, Ms. Kermis's site is closed as of June 2018.

Template 28 by Becky's Creations_Becky has since changed her blog name and is now offering her templates at Simple Expressions







This will be a quick and easy tag with only 4 settings:

Color_ #426409

Noise_Uniform 55

Inner Bevel__ Effects_3D Effects_Inner Bevel_




**Note: I used the Manual Color Correction tool for this tag to change the layer colors. Since each layer is a different shade of Gray or Black, the same color will show different on each one. Simply highlight the first layer, click on the MCCT, set top box to color from tag layer, the bottom box to target color (in this tag it's #426409). Now simply highlight each template layer and click the MCCT, OK.

you will have to only change the top box color for the White Hearts.

***I went thru and changed all the colors except the White Hearts FIRST so my layers colors would all change the right way. Then changed the White Hearts.***

If you do the selection method to color your tag, you will have to choose a new color each time.**


Text Circle_Leave as is

Apply DS with above settings

Large Black Circle_ #426409

Apply Noise with above settings

Large Circle ring_ #426409

Repeat DS

Apply Inner Bevel with above settings

Center Stripe_ #426409

Repeat Noise

Repeat DS

Large Heart Row_ #426409

Repeat DS

Small Heart Row_ #426409

Repeat Noise

Repeat Inner Bevel

Multiple Dark Hearts_ #426409

Repeat DS

Multiple Medium Hearts­_ #426409

Repeat DS

Multiple Tiny Black Hearts_ #426409

Repeat DS

Frame Fill_ #426409

Repeat Noise

Circle Frame_ #426409

Repeat Inner Bevel

Repeat DS

C/P tube

Repeat DS

Add all correct copyright/license information


Repeat Inner Bevel

Repeat DS


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