Thursday, April 26, 2018

No scraps "Friendship"





"Raining Cats and Dogs" tube by Scott Blair_this tube was purchases when Mr. Blair was selling at PTE.I am not sure where/if he is currently selling his tubes.

Template 52 by Becky's Creations_Becky has since changed her blog name and is now offering her templates at Simple Expressions

Blinds Mask by Monti 

No outside filters needed

Azkia Demo

*When working with templates, I use the Manual Color Correction Tool (MCCT):
Highlight template layer
Click on the MCCT
Set top box to original layer color
Set bottom box to new color
Click OK
If you want to use the same color with different shades, simply click each template layer and apply the MCCT
WITHOUT changing the bottom color. This usually works giving each layer a different shade of the same color.
Occasionally you will find a template that this will not work on tho, so in that case simply change the colors each time.
This works great on templates with different shades of Gray and Black.*
There is a great mini-tut on how to use the MCCT by Justfi HERE
Another way to color template layers:
When working with templates, always Shift+D to duplicate, close original,
then on each layer, select with magic wand (or Select All, Float, De-float), ANL,
close/delete the original, do steps required in tutorial, select none
Try it out and see what works for you.

Image_Canvas Size_Whatever size you want to use_Make sure the BOTTOM button is clicked

Frame Fills_#94141a

Shadow_Leave as is

Frame Trim 2_Noise_Uniform 55

Frame Trim 1_#94141a

Frames_Leave as is

C/P tube

Duplicate twice

Move the bottom tube to the bottom of the palette

Adjust_Blur_Radial Blur_Zoom_57_Elliptical_2_5_0

Effects_Image Effects_Seamless Tiling_Corner_Bidirectional_0_0_100_Linear

Crop to canvas size

Apply mask

Duplicate Mask

Merge mask layers together

Tube top copy_Adjust_Blur_Gaussian 5

Blend Mode_Overlay


Middle tube_Magic Wand_select outside tube

Highlight Overlay layer


Select none

Middle tube again_DS_0_0_50_20_Black

Shadow_Leave as is

3 Hearts Trim_Noise_Uniform 55

3 Hearts_#94141a

Effects_3D Effects_Inner Bevel_#2_8_17_3_0_14_White_248_28_63

Shadow_Leave as is

Friendship bg_#94141a

Friendhsip Trim_Noise_Uniform 55

Friendship_Leave as is

Merge friendship, friendship trim, friendship bg, and shadow together

Click on word on tag

Using the up arrow on keyboard, click 5 or 6 times

We want to move all the word layers up slightly to make room below them

Flower centers_Leave as is

Flowers_ #ff40ff

Tiny Hearts_ #ff40ff

Move to bottom of tag_see mine for example

Text_move to bottom of tag, placing between "Friendship" and the Tiny Hearts as shown on my tag above

DS text, tiny hearts, flowers, frame trim 2_0_0_50_10_Black

*Magic Wand_click inside first frame fill square

C/P tube placing face inside selected area

Promote Selection to Layer

Select none

Blend Mode_Hard Light*

Repeat * to * for the last frame fill square

Note: My tube covered the other squares, so depending on tube you choose, you may have to add the tube to the other squares too.

Add all correct copyright/license information

Name_ Azkia Demo_72_ #e81b22



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