Monday, July 10, 2017


OK it's been awhile since I was here, so going to give a brief update.

Hubby, Grands, and I are traveling this summer, so not on pc much. We just hook up the travel trailer and off we go, stopping when we want and sight seeing along the way.

While I've been away from the pc, PhotoBucket has decided to be a *&^%#!! Something about wanting to charge $400+ for an account so our images will show on sights??? Exactly what do we need image hosting for if not to use on the web??? And even tho I am a paid subscriber, evidently the December 2018 grace period is not applying to me.

So, unfortunately, all my images will be that darn ugly PB box until I can find another hosting site and get all the links updated.

Please bear with me while I figure this out. Not going to be on pc really until middle of August, but hopefully I will be able to get another host fast. guess it's time to upgrade my old Fotki account and re-learn how to use it, LOL.

I also have a forum where I post my tuts, so may just move everything there. Seems people are starting to have troubles with Blogger, so maybe that will help. I don't know yet, just thinking out loud, LOL. But if I have to re-post everything, might as well do it there, huh? Will let you all know later. :)

Thanks for stopping by and hope you visit again after all this is sorted. :)

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