Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No Scraps Animated Forum "Winter Time"

Winter Time


This tutorial was written by me on December 21, 2016 using my own ideas.

Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.



"Winter Lady Forest" tube by Katrina Winters - tube/license currently available at ADI

My Snow Animation BOX or 4Shared 

Word Art/Wording of choice



Mura's Meister_Copies_Wallpaper (Shrink)_

Forest's Filters_The Wave

Freeware Filters_Needles & Pins



Book Antiqua



DS_Drop Shadow

ANL_Add New Layer

EC_Eye Candy

GG_Gradient Glow

AS_Animation Shop

C/P_Copy and Paste

FF_Flood Fill


Open blank 600x250 canvas

C/P tube

Mura's Meister_Copies_Wallpaper (Shrink)_Default

Forest's Filters_The Wave_12_106_255

Duplicate twice

On first duplicate_Adjust_Blur_Gaussian_5

Blend Mode_Hard Light

On second duplicate_

Freeware Filters_Needles& Pins_all set to 0
Blend Mode_Overlay

Add Word Art/Wording of choice

C/P tube


On original_Adjust_Blur_Gaussian 10

Add Noise_Gaussian 20

Highlight tube copy

Re-size 85%


Crop to 600x250

ANL to top

FF #11555e

Select All_Contract 4_Delete_Select None


Add all correct copyright/license information

Name_Book Antiqua_20_White




Close frame, wording, credits, name, and both tube layers

Copy Merged


Paste As New Animation

Duplicate to 4 frames (or the same number of frames as your chosen snow animation)

Select All

Copy snow animation

Click on tag frames

Paste Into Selected Frame

Animation_Frame Properties 16


Close all open layers and open all closed layers

Copy Merged


Paste As New Animation


Click on Propagate Paste in the AS Tool bar

Click on tag frames

Roll mouse ball to enlarge slightly

Paste Into Selected Frame

View animation

If happy, save!!

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