Friday, December 9, 2016

FTU "One Spirit"

One Spirit


This tutorial was written by me on December 06, 2016 using my own ideas.

Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.




"I Love Dragons "Template by Marj

Pattern/Scrap paper of choice to match tube

Scrap element of choice - I am using one from Jenny's Designz "Western Gal" FTU scrap kit



Filters Unlimited 2.0






DS_Drop Shadow

ANL_Add New Layer

EC_Eye Candy

GG_Gradient Glow

AS_Animation Shop

C/P_Copy and Paste

FF_Flood Fill



When working with templates, always Shift+D to duplicate, close original,

then on each layer, select with magic wand (or Select All, Float, De-float), ANL,

close/delete the original, do steps required in tutorial, select none


Outside Frame_FF #186776

Adjust_Add Noise_Random 25

Frame_C/P paper of choice or FF with pattern of choice

Adjust_Blur_Gaussian 3

Effects_Texture Effects_Texture_Grain Fine Cloudy_50_0_3_0_0_White_315_50_30

Do Not close/delete Black frame

Diamond Outside_Close/delete

Diamond_Select All_Float_De-Float

Close/delete Diamond layer



Repeat DS twice

Repeat Add Noise

Select none

Magic Wand_Select inside Black Frame

Expand 5

ANL below frame

FF #186776

Filters Unlimited 2.0_Paper Textures_Recycled Paper_128_87

Keep Selected

C/P tube placing so faces show inside selection

Invert_Delete_Select none

Blend Mode_Multipply


Blend Mode of copy_Luminance (L)

Duplicate paper/pattern layer

Move to bottom

Adjust_Blur_Gaussian 10


Merge down

DS Tube and Outside Frame_0_0_100_10_Black

Add wording of choice

C/P element of chocie


Add all correct copyright/license information





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