Thursday, October 20, 2016

No Scraps Animated Forum "Bee-autiful"




This tutorial was written by me on October 20, 2016 using my own ideas.

Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.



"Flower Fairy" tube by Chasity I James - tube/license currently available at ADI

Word Art or Saying of choice



Filters Unlimited 2_Photo Aging Kit






DS_Drop Shadow

ANL_Add New Layer

EC_Eye Candy

GG_Gradient Glow

AS_Animation Shop

C/P_Copy and Paste

FF_Flood Fill


Open blank 600x250 canvas

ANL_FF #733316

Filters Unlimited 2_Photo Aging Kit_Dirt & Dust_128_128

C/P tube placing at bottom of canvas as shown


Highlight original tube

Adjust_Blur_Motion Blur_3_100

Repeat 3 times

Effects_Edge Effects_Enhance

Repeat enhance

Crop to 600x250

Copy blur layer


Paste As new Animation

Effects_Insert Image Effect:



Wave 1_X5 Y10

Wave 2_X-36 Y10

Wave 3_X-34 -34 -21

Wave4_X64 Y-77

Wave 5_X21 Y-31

Wave 6_X-16 Y-12

Wave 7_X53 Y0

Wave 8_X29 Y31

Wave 9_X10 Y0

Wave 10_X-45 Y-1

Wave 11_X-27 Y-51

Wave 12_X-8 Y5

Wave 13_X-12 Y38

Wave 14_X-53 Y40

Wave 15_X0 Y19

Wave 16_X0 Y-61

Back to PSP

Highlight top tube


Add Word Art/Saying of choice

DS_0_0_100_5_ #c69978

Add all correct copyright/license information

ANL to top

Select All

FF #723215

Contract 2

FF #c6a996

Contract 1

FF #723215

Contract 2

Delete_Select None

Name_ NadineScriptNormal_48_ #c6a996

Copy Aged Photo layer

AS_Paste As New Animation

Duplicate until you have the same number frames as the underwater animation we did earlier
Select All

Highlight underwater frames

Select All

Highlight background frames

Paste Into Selected Frame, positioning as it is in the finished tag

Back to PSP

Close background and blur layers

Copy Merged

Paste As New Animation


Highlight tag frames

Paste Into Selected Frame

View Animation

If happy, save!!

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