Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Scraps Forum "Kilmer's Christmas"

Kilmer's Christmas


This tutorial was written by me on September 11, 2016 using my own ideas.

Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.




"Mrs. ChristmasSweets" tube by Concetta Kilmer_tube/license currently available at CDO



Unplugged Tools_Spice Dots

Transparency_Eliminate White

Mura's Meister_Copies

Eye Candy 5_Nature_Snow Drift

Penta.Com_Dot and Cross

Eye Candy 4000_Gradient Glow



Happy New One

ParkAvenue BT




DS_Drop Shadow

ANL_Add New Layer

EC_Eye Candy

GG_Gradient Glow

AS_Animation Shop

C/P_Copy and Paste

FF_Flood Fill


Open blank 600x250 canvas


FF #5e7925



FF #c7e197

Unplugged Tools_Spice Dots_12_191_255_255_192_128_0

Transparency_Eliminate White

Adjust_Motion Blur_216_15



Custom Selection:


FF #760101

Mura's Meister_Copies_Tiling:




Repeat Motion Blur

Adjust_Sharpen More

Repeat 4 times


Merge line layers together

Image_Free Rotate_Right 30

Pick Tool_click on corner nodes and stretch so lines reach the top right and bottom left corners of canvas

Blend Mode_Luminance (L)


Custom Selection:




FF #5e7925

Select none

EC 5_Nature_Snow Drift_Settings - Small, First Flakes_Bsic - Drift Height 32.27_Everything else default

Move down so no green shows at bottom of canvas



C/P tube


Adjust_Blur_Gaussian 10

Penta.Com_Dot and Cross_72_10_2



Highlight top tube



Text Tool_Happy New One_72_#a31515

Type "Merry Christmas"

Convert to raster

EC 4000_GG_3_25_100_#40ff40



Duplicate bottom layer

Bring to top

Select All_Contract 2

FF #760101

Contract 1


Select none


Crop to 600x250


Add all correct copyright/license information


Name_ParkAvenue BT_48_Black





Close all layers EXCEPT background, dots, and stripes

Copy Merged



Open snow animation of choice


Paste your copy merged tag as new animation

CTRL+L until you have the same number of frames as your chosen snow animation


Select All

Copy Snow


Click on top of tag

Select All

Paste Into Current Frame

(depending on your chosen snow animation, you may have to paste the snow a few times to cover canvas)


Back to PSP

Close the oopen layers and open all the closed layers

Copy Merged



Paste As New Animation



Click on "Propagate Paste" button in tool bar at top of AD (looks like sheets of paper)


Click on top of tag


Click in center of tag

(I find that enlarging the tag slightly makes this easier and as long as you do not move your mouse it will be automatically centered)


View Animation

If happy, Save!!!




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