Monday, May 4, 2015

Animated No Scraps - "Lavender Dreams'

Lavender Wishes


 This tutorial was written by me on May 04, 2015, using my own ideas. Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.
"Trail Of Wishes" tube by Carla Morrow - tube/license available at ADI
My Alpha Selection Image BOX or 4 Shared
Kiwi's Oelfilter_Zig-Zack
DSB Flux_Bright Noise
Toadies_What Are you? and Weaver
Mura's Meister_Cloud
Xenofex 2_Crumple
Classic AltCaps

EC = Eye Candy
GG = Gradient Glow
DS = Drop Shadow
C/P = Copy and Paste
FF = Flood Fill
ANL = Add New Layer
AS = Animation Shop

Open my Alpha Channel Image
Close original
Background  #bdb5e4
Foreground #e3ddde
Gradient_Radial_angle 45_repeats 6
FF with gradient
Selection_Load from Alpha Channel_Lavendar Wishes_VC #1
Change Gradient settings to_Linear_angle 0_repeats 1 (light color in middle)
FF selection with gradient
Kiwi's Oelfilter_Zig-Zack_2_37_128_128
Effects_Edge Effects_Enhance
Select None
Merge Down
Duplicate twice
Highlight middle merged layer
Radial Blur_Zoom_100_Elliptical_0_100_0
Duplicate twice
DSB Flux_Bright Noise_30
Apply to each blur layer clicking "MIX" each time
Close bottom 2 noise layers for now
Highlight bottom merged layer
Toadies_What Are you?_20_20
Blend Mode_Difference
Magic Wand_Select the left and right outside areas of top merged layer
Highlight bottom FF layer
Promote Selection To Layer
Select None
Mura's Meister_Cloud_Light #ffffff_FG #b5a4e8_BG #352680_rest of settings default
Blend Mode_Dark Light
Move this layer directly above original FF layer
Highlight top noise layer
C/P tube
Place in open area as shown
Merge together
Blend Mode_Soft Light
Highlight top zig-zack layer
Selections_Load Selection From Alpha Channel_Lavender Wishes_VC #2
Highlight zig-zack layer
Promote Selection to Layer
Texture Effects_Blinds_2_35_#808080_Both Boxes Checked
Highlight zig-zack layer
Repeat Blinds
Xenofex 2_Crumple_12.72_9_Distort Image_60_58_19.47_51.20_Highlight Color White_50_8139
Select none
Repeat Crumple clicking Random Seed
Highlight zig-zack layer
Magic Wand_Select left and right outside areas
Click Delete about 6 times to soften the edges
Select none
C/P tube
Highlight original tube layer
Motion Blur_115_57
Edge Effects_Enhance
Highlight top tube layer
Magic Wand
Select the stars on the tube
Promote selection to layer
Select none
Duplicate twice
Top Star Layer_DSB Flux_Bright Noise_50
Repeat Bright Noise on other 2 Star layers clicking "MIX" each time
Close bottom 2 star layers for now
ANL to top
Selections_Select Selection Borders_Both Sides_4
FF #3d3267
Select none
Text Tool_ ChippewaFallsNF_48_ #3d3267
Convert to raster
Rotate Left 90
Place to the left as shown
Text tool_ BankGothic Lt BT_14_#3d3267
Convert to raster
Free rotate left 90
Place as shown
Add all correct copyright/license information
Name_Classic AltCaps_72_both boxes #e3ddde_stroke 1
Copy Merged
Paste As New Animation
Back to PSP
Close top Bright Noise layer and open Middle Bright Noise Layer
Close top Radial Blur layer and open Middle Radial Blur layer
Copy Merged
Paste After Current Frame
Back to PSP
Repeat steps for bottom Bright Noise and Radial Blur layers
View animation
If happy, Save!!

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