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Animated No Scraps Forum - "Fish In The Sea"

Fish In the Sea

This tutorial was written by me on April 24 2015, using my own ideas. Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.
"Little Blue Mermaid" tube by Tori Beveridge - tube/license currently available at ADI
Word Art/Saying of Choice
Flaming Pear_Flood
Greg's Factory Output_Splash
Cranberry Gin

EC = Eye Candy
GG = Gradient Glow
DS = Drop Shadow
C/P = Copy and Paste
FF = Flood Fill
ANL = Add New Layer
AS = Animation Shop 

This is a long, tedious tutorial but it looks great when finished.
We will be doing the following steps on EACH fish, so get ready.
[**Select one of the fish
Paste as a new image
Using your selection tool, select the tail:

Promote Selection to Layer
Highlight original fish_Delete
Select none.
You may have a tiny line between the tail and body. If so, click on tail then click the arrow key a couple times to close the gap.
Copy Merged
Paste As New Animation
Back to psp
Pick tool (K in pspX6)
Place mouse on center outside node

**Hold down left mouse button and slide to the right until the top outside node touches top tip of tail

Copy merged
Paste After Current Frame**
Back to PSP
Repeat ** step until the tail is gone (6 frames)
Edit_Select All
Click on LAST frame
Paste after current frame
Edit_Select all
Animation_ Frame Properties_20 (or whatever speed you like)
Click on Frame 7
Hold down the shift key and select frames 7-12
Animation_Reverse Frames
If speed is right for you, we are ready for next fish. If not, go back to Animation_Frame Properties and change the number until it looks good to you. **]
Repeat the steps between [** and **] for EACH fish
Leave each one open in AS when done with it. We will need them later.
Whew!! What a work out!! LOL
Now to make our tag:
Open blank 600x250 image
Make a gradient using #b0a8de and #778ad1
FF with Gradient_Radial_5 repeats
Flaming Pear_Flood:

Greg's Factory Output_Splash_68_15_0
Adjust_Blur_Radial Blur:

C/P tube
Add Word Art/Saying of choice
ANL to top
FF with Gradient changing to Linear_Angle 45_5 repeats
Select All_Contract 3_Delete_Select None
Add all correct copyright/license information
Name_Cranberry Gin_48_#6ed6ee
Close the top frame layer
Copy Merged
Paste As New Animation
Now we're ready to animate!!
Hold down ctrl and click L until you have 12 frames
Edit_Select All
**Highlight one of the fish images you have open in AS
Edit_Select All
Highlight the main tag image
Place fish where you like it
Click to place**
Repeat from ** to ** for each fish
Does it look good to you?
If not, click the undo arrow and replace the fish until you are happy
Back to PSP
Open the frame layer_highlight this layer in palette
Back in AS
Click the "Propagate Paste" button at top of AS (it looks like 3 sheets of paper with the corners folded down)
Highlight main tag
The curser will show in the center of tag
Click once
Roll mouse to enlarge image and check edges. They should be nicely aligned. If not, undo and re-paste.
Once again check animation by going to View_Animation
If happy, save that baby!!!

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