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Harlequin Romance


This tutorial was written by me on January 23, 2014, using my own ideas. Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX.
Please leave some love when downloading supplies. The artists/creators work hard to make/share their work with us, so let's be appreciative. Please use all correct copyright/license information and follow all TOU’s. Let’s give credit where credit is due.
As always, tutorials are only a guideline. If you don't have the exact supplies, use ones you have or ones you choose.


“Harlequin Columbine” tube by Judy Mastrangelo – tube/license available at ADI
Kang_Color Cubes and Luxury Cubes
Kang 1_Circuit Weaver
Eye Candy 4000_Gradient Glow and HSB Noise
Font_Copper Alt Caps Expert
Gradient of choice (I chose a mix of soft gray and creamy white)

EC = Eye Candy
GG = Gradient Glow
DS = Drop Shadow
C/P = Copy and Paste
FF = Flood Fill
ANL = Add New Layer
AS = Animation Shop

Open blank 600x250 canvas

FF with gradient

Kang_Luxury Cubes:

Kang_Color Cubes:

Kang 1_Circuit Weaver:

Duplicate twice

Using selection tool set on rectangle, draw selections across canvas like this:

Highlight  top Circuit Weaver layer_promote to layer

ANL_FF selections Black

Select none

Mirror both of these layers

Black layer_Add noise 80
EC 4000_GG_3_25_100_White

Highlight top Circuit Weaver layer
EC 4000_HSB Noise:

Repeat for remaining 2 Circuit Weaver payers hitting random button each time
Hide bottom 2 layers

Back to top of canvas
Add tube

ANL_FF Black
Select all_Contract 3_delete
ANL_FF selection White_Contract 1_Delete_Select none
Repeat DS on White layer twice

Add all correct copyright/license information

Name_Copper Alt Caps Expert_100_stroke 1 White_Fill White
Add Noise 80
Repeat GG changing color to black
Repeat DS twice


Copy merged

AS_Paste as new image

Back to psp
Hide top Circuit Weaver layer and open middle layer

Copy merged
AS_Paste after current frame

Repeat steps for the last Circuit Weaver layer

Review animation and save if it’s to your liking.

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