Friday, January 4, 2013

FTU - Let's Go to the Movies

Let’s Go to the Movies



This tutorial was written by me on January 04, 2013, using my own ideas. Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX.
Please leave some love when downloading supplies. The artists/creators work hard to make/share their work with us, so let's be appreciative. Please use all correct copyright information and follow all TOU’s. Let’s give credit where credit is due.
As always, tutorials are only a guideline. If you don't have the exact supplies, use ones you have or ones you choose.


“Miss Debanair” tube by Edward Reed and available at indie-Zine
“Cinema Experience” FTU scrap kit by JRB Scraps – I obtained this kit while JRB was at PTE. Please use a suitable replacement if you don’t have it.
Becky Mask 009
Eye Candy 4000_Gradient Glow

EC = Eye Candy
GG = Gradient Glow
DS = Drop Shadow
C/P = Copy and Paste
FF = Flood Fill
 ANL = Add New Layer
 AS = Animation Shop

Open blank 600x600 canvas
ANL – Select all
C/P paper 1 into selection_select none
Apply mask
C/P tube close up_Blend Mode LuminanceL_Apply mask to tube close up
C/P element 1
ANL below this element
{Select inside first opening of film strip
Expand by 2
Highlight layer below strip, FF selection Black
C/P tube close up
Position so parts you want showing are visible in opening
Promote selection to layer
Select none}
Repeat from {to} for each opening changing the parts of the tube that show
Merge 4 tube layers together
Change blend mode to LuminanceL
Lower opacity to about 60
DS film strip_0_0_50_10_Black
Merge film strip, tube layer, black squares together
Rotate to your liking_move below original film strip and place as shown
C/P the following elements, duplicating, rotating, and placing as shown:
C/P full tube
Add all correct copyright/license information
Add name_Satisfaction_72_stroke 1 #971111_Fill Black
Rotate slightly
EC 4000_GG_3_25_100_White
DS all other layers_0_0_100_10_Black

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