Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FTU - "Happy Easter"

Happy Easter



This tutorial was written by me on March 15, 2016, using my own ideas. Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX6.




“Bunny Easter Egg-2012” tube by
ArtWhimsico – tube/license was purchased when Whimsico was signed with ADI

FTU “Happy Easter” by Poppyshares (Bev) available at Creative Misfits



Raisin des Sables




EC = Eye Candy


GG = Gradient Glow


DS = Drop Shadow


C/P = Copy and Paste


FF = Flood Fill


ANL = Add New Layer


AS = Animation Shop



Open scrap kit in psp


The following layers:

Plain Pink Flower

Plain Blue Flower

Plain Yellow Flower

Merge these 3 layers together


Repeat DS on:

Pink Tulip

Yellow Tulip

Blue Tulip

Merge these 3 layers together


Merge together:

Plain Pink Egg

Plain Blue Egg

Plain Purple Egg


Repeat DS on White Border On Swirls


Merge together:

White Border On Swirls



Merge together:

Circle Of Eggs

White Border On Eggs


Open blank 600x600 canvas


C/P White Border on Eggs merged layer

C/P Center Paper layer

C/P White Border On Swirls merged layer

C/P tube close up

Move between White Border On Swirls and Center Paper layers

Blend Mode of tube_Soft Light

Using Magic Wand, highlight Center Paper layer and click in the area outside of the circle

Highlight tube_Delete_Select none


C/P Merged Flower layer



Place as shown


C/P merged Tulip layer

Place as shown


C/P merged Eggs layer

Place as shown


C/P tube Place on left side of frame

Repeat DS


C/P “Happy Easter”

Using selection tool_Rectangle_Select “Happy”

Promote to layer

Highlight original word layer


Select none

Place the two words as shown

Merge together

Repeat  DS


Add all correct copyright/license information


Name_Raisin des Sables_72_Black






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